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The Best Men's Short Sleeve Shirts For Summer

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It's time to give long sleeves the elbow as short sleeves reign supreme for the sunshine season

Gather round, men: we want to let you into a secret - the secret to a stylish summer. For us, it has to be the short sleeve shirt - and this season they come in all shapes and sizes. While we admit that a short sleeve shirt may at first feel like less of a trend and just good common sense in the closer climes, it's taken some time for the elbow-exposing style to shed it's formerly poor reputation. Until low, a true dapper gent was encouraged to always invest in staple long sleeve shirts and artfully roll the sleeve. But back then the best short sleeve style you could cop was in an unfortunate gingham checked cotton with an unflattering box fit and sleeve that chopped off at the worst part of the arm. But now? Now men's short sleeve shirts have risen from the ashes in trending prints, intriguing fabrics and sophisticated cuts making them one of this year's hottest summer season pieces.

Say Aloha to Hawaiian with vibrant florals on soft satin and silk, or embrace the bold with abstract print or trending tie dye for an instant fashion fix.  But don’t be fooled into thinking this bicep-tickling trend is defined by its loudness. Something simple in soft tones, simple stripes and breezy linen can speak volumes without having to say much at all.

Fancy giving your arms an airing? Here's our edit of the hottest men's short sleeve shirts on the market right now.
Available at Mr Porter
Available at Mr Porter
Available at Mr Porter