The Best Ways To Wear Metallic This Summer

From silver to gold, bronze and beyond... here's how to wear metallic this season to shine extra bright

It’s the moment of year we’ve been waiting for. Optimal sunshine, and a minimal need to cover up. We Brits truly relish in the rare times where we don’t need to grab a jacket or a brolley before we walk out the door. Being freed from the shackles of outerwear means we can focus our energy on the main pieces we’re wearing, and joyfully adapt them to favour the influx of the sun. 

While we often see an increase in shimmery styles during the holiday season, it’s sometimes lost on us how stunning and powerful a metallic can be when worn in the summertime. Just think of that golden hour shine potential! So this year, we’re making sure the shimmer doesn’t go unnoticed. We’re going metallic, and we’re getting our glow on. If you’re unaware on how to wear metals, don’t worry, we’ll style you. So go on, get in touch with the elements...


Heading to a big event? Wearing a metallic in the summer as a dress is the best way to steal the show. If your main piece is a gleaming gown, make sure you tone down with neutral pairings. And in summer, a lighter neutral will be most on trend. With a gold kimono wrap dress, opt for a pair of white sandals and snakeskin purse.


When done correctly, a metallic top can be the perfect statement piece, that is nowhere near being tacky. Pair a silver plisse top with a white trouser suit for the perfect outfit to wear to a fancy summer schmoozing event.


A metallic shoe is not only a cool way to show your shiny style, but is also a unique yet versatile piece to have in your wardrobe. Wear metallic sandals with a white, frilly prairie midi dress, to add some modernity to the milk-maid trend, and don’t forget to coordinate with some shimmery earrings!


Accessories are the easiest and most subtle way to incorporate metallics into your outfit. Meaning you can also wear them all the time, to add an extra bit of shine to your look. Get a staple metallic crossbody handbag, and pair it with a completely neutral outfit- for the perfect mix of ‘down to earth’ and ‘glamour’.