As the days get longer and the sun burns a little brighter in the sky (well, for now at least) it’s hard not to feel that our black leather winter boots are letting us down somewhat. We’ve undoubtedly found ourselves optimistically reaching for printed midi dresses, swishy skirts and lighter jackets in a bid to turn our backs on winter and our trusty boots just don’t cut it any more. We want to wear cute pumps with our jeans! Go lighter in fabrics! Bolder on colour! But realistically, we still have to be prepared for any seasonal mood swings that are likely to come our way.

Luckily, the footwear aficionados at FitFlop have heard our cries for spring-ready shoes that can withstand the elements and have released a new collection that makes our hearts (and feet?) sing. Sensibly, they haven’t gone full cut-out toes and flimsy fabrics just yet – instead, they’ve introduced new women’s designs with cooler prints, relaxed shapes and lighter construction. Just the thing to go with our latest denim and dress combination. If you’re looking to dip your toe into the new season, take a look at our favourite styles from the new Fitflop collection.

[Image: FitFlop]