5 Ways To Update Every Room In Your Home For Autumn For Under £100

M&S is the best place for quick, easy and affordable homeware ideas this season. 

It can be hard to make the move from summer into autumn when it comes to our clothing choices, but when it comes to our homes? That’s a different story. In fact, the colder weather only makes our abodes more tempting, as we conjure up new and inventive ways to stay indoors and nest. When a gale force wind is blowing outside and rain is lashing at your windows, all we want to do is cancel our plans, crack open a bottle of red and snuggle up inside. 

Up until now, we’ve all favoured bright and airy spaces in order to make the most of the weather whilst we’ve had it. But autumn interiors trends are all in favour of comfort, cosiness and warmth. Open windows and natural light are replaced with the gorgeously warm glow of candles or a fire; cool desktop fans are switched for central heating and where once you threw off the covers, now you're hibernating under a high tog duvet. But autumn isn’t just about combatting the cooler climate, it’s about creating a warm and fuzzy feeling - and that’s where you may fall short. 

If your house didn’t quite get the new season memo, you may have a little work to do before your home has achieved it’s full ‘hygge’ potential. So how best to make the seasonal switch? It’s actually a lot easier - and cheaper - than you think. Seriously, you’ll be surprised at what a difference a well-placed ornament or a flash of autumnal colour can do to put you in the wintry mood. 

Out of all of our usual affordable homeware haunts, Marks and Spencer are the brand that has caught our attention so far. Their new season collection is seriously vast, leaving no room under your roof untouched. Yup, there’s even some cool new bathroom tweaks to be had that will help to get rid of your cold-floor fear. 

Scroll on for our favourite autumn interior updates from the M&S autumn 2019 collection - all under £100 - that will action big change to your home at an affordable price. 

The Bedroom

1. Snug Winter Bedding

A bed takes up so much space within a bedroom, meaning it's a great way to make an impact. Make a statement with new sheets that experiment with colour or print, or keep it simple with luxurious grey or white. Whatever you go for, it's what happens next that's the most important: layers. Keep out the cold with quilted blankets and soft throws, and create an air of cosiness to the sheets you currently own with complimenting cushions.

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The Bathroom

2. Invest In Luxurious Egyptian Towels

The bathroom can often get forgotten about when it comes to homeware updates, but with these gorgeous Egyptian cotton towels, Marks & Spencer have ensured that it receives some TLC too! Not only will your guests adore using heavyweight towels fit for a Pharaoh, the new season colourways will add instant warmth to this typically cold room. Top tip: keep the colour theme going with a matching bath mat to really tie the room together!

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The Kitchen

3. Update Your Dishes

Autumn is officially stew season! That means it's time to put away the salad tongs and kit out your kitchen for all things slow cooked. Think cheerful-coloured casserole dishes and quality roasters to inspire your heartiest dishes.

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The Living Room

4. Light The Room With Candles

We may love the dazzling sunshine in summer, but in autumn and winter there's nothing we love more than a dim lit glow. As well as creating a warm atmosphere, candles are hands down the cheapest and most effective way to up the cosy factor at home. M&S have released some must-have mulberry-tone candle holders that we can't wait to get our hands on (they're perfect for adding a splash of temporary colour to a rented space) but there's also some brilliant neutral shades and textures that will fit seamlessly in any lounge. 

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The Dining Room

5. Add A Centre Piece To Your Table

Flowers (and a beautiful vase, of course!) will instantly brighten the mood of any room - none so much as a dining room. An autumnal bouquet makes the perfect centrepiece to any banquet, and may just inspire you finally get your friends around for dinner. 

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