As we slowly edge ourselves towards louche days spent basking in the sun and glorious long summer evenings that sprawl out further than we ever recalled, it feels like the right time to consider dressing for our newly adjusted seasonal mindset. Of course, we can’t get too ahead of ourselves – we’re not out of the woods of winter yet.

Too nippy for shorts and t-shirts, but too close for a hot and heavy coat, the time between seasons is a sartorial minefield – but, then again, even when summer is in full swing it isn’t without its mishaps. That’s why, as we look to update our arsenal for the sunshine days ahead, we do so with a wise, preparatory undertone. Back to the subject of shorts, it’s a key look from the recent runways but as to its practical purpose outside of the month of August we’re unsure. Instead, we’re looking to curate the new season according to the menswear trends that will serve us best in any instance. With the help of SSENSE’s new season collection, we’ve landed on three key trends that are as wearable now as they are at the peak of summer.

[Image: @SSENSE]