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Personalised Retro Sweets Taster Jar


Product Information

Personalised Retro Taster Jar Sample a great variety of old school retro sweets without denting your wallet. We've crammed an amazing 11 different sweets into this little Jar for the ultimate nostalgic sugar trip. Enjoy the delights of Cola Bottles, Dolly Mixtures, Refresher Chews and Popping Candy to name a few. Key Features: Sweet jar measuring 11 x 11 x 11cm. 11 retro sweet classics inside. Personalised Label. Personalised with a name. Maximum of 15. characters per name. Contents: Cola Bottles -1 bag, Dolly Mixtures 1, Candy Sticks 1, Candy Whistles 1, Double Candy Lollies 2, Drumstick Lollies 2, Fizzers 3, Flumps 2, Love Hearts Mini Rolls 1, Parma Violets 3, Popping Candy 1, Refresher Chews. Use the jar to store new sweets once eaten. Contents may vary slightly.