Copper Chef Bake And Crisp Set- Baking Tray And Copper Crisper


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Copper Chef Bake and Crisp Set- Baking Tray and Copper Crisper Whether making lasagne, shepherd’s pie, or even deliciously chocolatey brownies, simply fill the tray then add the metal divider before cooking to create 12 even servings in an instant. This divider also doubles up as a heat distribution panel, so your food cooks quickly and evenly with no cold spots. It also comes complete with an easy lift tray that makes it easy to lift cakes out in seconds, as well as a Copper Crisper air-frying basket. This unique addition allows you to cook deliciously crispy chips, onion rings and mozzarella sticks. Fancy delicious crispy, chips or onion rings? Simply place the included Copper Crisper air-frying basket on top to turn your oven into an air fryer! You’ll cook all 360o of your food with no turning and no burning. Any fat simply drips away into the dish below for healthier meals. Depth: 36 CM Height: 21.5 CM Width: 9 CM Ingenious adjustable slicing dividers allow you to create perfectly portioned servings, ideal for portion control and batch-cooking Adjustable divider for, pre-sliced brownies & cakes. Easy-lift tray allows for serving in seconds, with no sticking! Non-stick, copper-coloured coating simply wipes clean or can go in the dishwasher for easy clean-up. Portable storage lid so you can bake it and save it, or bake it and take it! Turn your oven into an Air Fryer with the Copper Crisper Basket! Cook all 360o of your food with no turning and no burning! With the Crisper in place, fat and crumbs just drop into the tray below. You’ll cook healthier food and help keep your oven clean. We recommend you do not use extra virgin olive oil or sprays on the Copper Chef Range as this could impact the product's non-stick properties.

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