RIG 100HS Open Ear Gaming Headset for PS4

John Lewis



There are times when stereo headphones just won't do; fortunately, the RIG 100HS Open Ear Gaming Headset for PS4 is ready to assist. Featuring an open back design and a flexible boom mic, this headset has been designed to allow ambient noise in, whilst providing great gaming acoustics. You can decide where to place the rotating, noise-cancelling mic as the RIG 100HS gaming headset allows you to transmit and receive crisp audio on either your left or right side. Additionally, long gaming sessions aren't a worry as the RIG 100HS' configurable design means you're always playing in comfort, while the headset's memory foam cushions prevent fatigue. Connect the headset to your controller (if applicable) or amp using the 3.5 mm analogue connector. You can quickly set the volume to your preferred levels thanks to the inline volume and mute controls. Have you thought about Added Care? No one means to drop their prized device - regrettably however, we've all done it. Please click here to see if Added Care could provide you with extra peace of mind when using your technology.

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