Duracell 15 min AA/AAA Battery Charger 2xAA 2x AAA Batteries


Product Information

Duracell Hi-Speed Advanced Battery Charger: 15 minutes of charge, up to 4 hours of use (charging AA batteries; results vary by device & usage pattern). This charger needs 45 minutes to fully charge 2 AA batteries (approx. 85% of charge with Duracell 1.300mAh AA NiMH batteries), charges AA & AAA sizes and comes with 10-year guarantee. 4 x AA, 4 x AAA. Charges batteries in pairs. 15 minutes. Charging indicators. Bad cell detection. Automatic timer cut-off. Over-charge protection. Includes 2 x 1300mAh AA batteries and 2 x 750mAh AAA batteries. Manufacturers 10 year guarantee.

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