La Perla - 'La Mia Perla' Eau De Parfum

La Perla - 'La Mia Perla' Eau De Parfum



La Perla fragrance comes full circle back into a pearl, a timeless jewel whose luster and beauty fascinated Ada, the founder of the brand. A nod to the birth of Venus, the Goddess of love and beauty, who came out of the sea in a shell. 'La Mia Perla' is the embodiment of beauty, seduction and femininity, a woman who finds and owns her sensuality. A sophisticated, elegant and sensual fragrance with a smooth, warm luminosity and creaminess, it innovates and sets apart from other fragrances as a solar oriental, a new and evolving fragrance category. With rounded notes of mandarin, white pepper, sambac jasmine, white peony, orris, silky suede ambrox, muscenone and sandalwood. Size:50ml Colour: