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Happitails For Calmer Dogs 90 Tablets


Product Information

designed specifically to relieve anxiety and promote calming ,easy to give due to its delicious beef and liver flavour ,a great blend of key nutrients known for their calming properties ,easy to add whole or crumble into moist food just like humans, dogs can suffer from stress and anxiety now and then. pets are sometimes bothered by changes in routine or environment. they can also become stressed or over excited by situations such as storms, fireworks or travel. this is why it`s so important to have a great product you can turn to which helps promote a feeling of calm and well-being during these times.,with b vitamins renowned for their nervous system support ,magnesium, for normal muscle/nerve function ,extracts of passionflower and lemon balm, two well-known ,l-tryptophan, an essential amino acid for its calming properties happi-tails is recommended for all dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds. please note dosage information for size of dog.

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