Cuisinart CH4BCU Mini Food Processor

Cuisinart CH4BCU Mini Food Processor

John Lewis


Stylish and versatile, the Cuisinart CH4BCU Mini Processor is designed to save you time in the kitchen. Ultra-sharp, reversible stainless steel blades are perfect for a range of tasks from chopping vegetables and grinding spices to mixing dips and dressings. Key Features: Perfect for mixing small quantities like sauces, dips and dressings. Reversible blade rotates in both directions allowing ingredients to move easily around the bowl for consistent results. Ideal for preparing ingredients like chopping vegetables and meats or grinding herbs and spices. Also great for purées. Compact design for easy storage with large 900ml capacity. BladeLock™ system holds blade safely in place for easy pouring with no fuss. Drizzle holes for adding liquids during processing - ideal for mayonnaise. Commercial grade with ultra powerful motor. Durable high grade stainless steel blades. Easy to clean intuitive touch pad controls and dishwasher safe removable parts. 5 year guarantee.