Gotthard - Grimsel - Susten - Oberalp K+F Hiking Map 19


Product Information

Gotthard area at 1:60,000 in Kümmerly + Frey’s hiking series of Switzerland, with most titles now printed on light, waterproof and tear-resistant plastic paper. The series offers a popular alternative to Swiss survey maps and cartography which many walkers find easier to follow.Coverage of the whole country is designed so that each title presents a popular hiking area. The maps have contours at 50 or 25-metre intervals according to the terrain, enhanced by graphic relief and shading. An overprint distinguishes between sign-posted hiking paths, mountain path where proper walking shoes are necessary, and alpine paths requiring special equipment. Most titles now also indicate national and regional long-distance hiking routes, each annotated with its official number.Mountain huts are marked, plus various types of accommodation: campsites, youth hostels, “Friends of Nature” houses, and secluded hotels and restaurants. Road network indicates local bus routes with stops. Railways, narrow gauge mountain railways, cable car lines, and chair lifts are shown, with various symbols highlighting places of interest, viewpoints, picnic sites, swimming pools, etc.Each title covers an area of approximately 60 x 42 km (37 x 26 miles). The maps have a 1km Swiss national grid, plus latitude and longitude margin ticks at 5’ intervals. *Map legend includes English.* On the reverse, an index of towns and villages includes names of geographical features such as mountains, alpine passes, glaciers, lakes, rivers, as well as places of interest. Also provided is an overview road map of surrounding region.

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