That Day We Sang!


Product Information

That Day We Sang, by Victoria Wood, is a musical set in Manchester, 1969. It’s the story of Tubby & Enid, two lonely middle-aged people who grab a second chance at life, reconnected by the power of music. They meet at a reunion of the Manchester Children’s Choir who made the iconic Columbia recording of Nymphs and Shepherds in 1929. Tubby and Enid’s faltering romance is interweaved with the story of Jimmy, a member of the choir whose love of singing transcends his difficult home life. As we go between Tubby and Jimmy, their stories collide, and they must somehow find each other. Bonus Features: Includes hour-long documentary That Musical We Made - An honest and funny look at the making of a musical. It's a fascinating look at the nuts and bolts of a big musical production, revealing how the choreography, musical arrangements and design all have to work together to tell the story. As well as exploring the inherent bonkersness of any work in progress (How does Michael Ball hang off a ladder while singing at the top of his voice? Which is the best camera angle for a giant plastic prawn? And do we have enough period braces for a whole orchestra?), Victoria also looks at the real events which inspired her story.

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