Swann Solar Power Panel Charger for use with WiFi Battery Camera


Product Information

The Swann Solar Power Panel Charger is the perfect addition to your home security system, the Solar Panel can be used with the Swann Smart Security WiFi Camera. Simply plug your Smart Security Camera into the Solar Panel and you don’t have to worry about recharging your outdoor camera ever again! So you can be sure that your camera is always charged and ready, should the unexpected happen. The Solar Panel and USB charging cable are weatherproof, giving you the peace of mind that you are protected day in, day out, rain or shine. With a 10ft (3m) USB charging cable and adjustable bracket, you can easily adjust your solar panel’s angle and placement to maximize sunlight exposure. * Solar charging * Adjustable Bracket for Optimum Angle to Exposure of Sunlight * Outdoor/Indoor Weather Resistant Construction * Long USB charging cable 10ft (3m) * Pass Through Replacement Cap *Please note that this product is delivered direct from our supplier and may take a little longer to arrive

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