Samsung S7 Wireless Charging Pad

Samsung S7 Wireless Charging Pad



Charging your phone is easier than ever with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Wireless Charger. No need to connect a cable to your phone - simply place your mobile device on the charger pad and watch it charge - so easy. This high-spec accessory for your Galaxy S7 features a premium glass effect finish that complements the handset design. How to use: Plug your mains charger into a wall socket and then simply lay you device screen face up and the wireless charger will charge. If your phone is not wireless charge compatible you will need a wireless charging back cover or case for the charger to work. The charging pad benefits from a convenient LED charging status to show you when your device is charging. This Wireless charging pad has a premium look and feel and the glass effect design is enhanced with illuminating light. While the charger is optimised for the Galaxy S7, it is universal (PMA/WPC) and works with any Qi compatible devices. Depth: 16.8 MM Wireless charger Compatible with Samsung S6 Height: 97 MM Width: 97 MM