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How To Have The Best Valentine’s Day With Your Partner Without Leaving The House

Going out on Valentine's Day can be a total drag. Here's how to make it just as special, intimate and romantic, without having to deal with the fuss of heading out - courtesy of Tesco. 

A little love is needed now more than ever -and no one does love better than Saint Valentine himself. While once a year is never enough time to dedicate to spreading the love, this Hallmark holiday still seems to creep up on us, and the pressure to do something that strays from the cliché itineraries of previous years becomes much more urgent. And arguably, the hesitance to spend Valentine’s Day or night out in the town increases!

Of course, going out for the occasion can be great, but with all the restaurants packed full of couples and the bars too busy to order a drink without interrupting a romantic moment between lovers… it’s slowly starting to seem like staying in is actually the best idea after all. But hey, staying in doesn’t mean the V-Day magic has to be dulled down. In fact, there’s plenty of ways to make your Valentine’s Day special without going out, but if you need a little advice on creating the right environment - Tesco’s got you covered.

From the traditional gifts you hate to love to all the chocolate and celebratory fizz you and your partner desire, we at Octer have put together the perfect plan for your date day that will be far from boring, but let’s you steer clear of the restaurant and reservations chaos in the outside world.

From gifts made just to commemorate this special romantic day, to the best bottles of bubbly and chocolate to keep you two company, here's how to have the best Valentine's Day with your partner, without having to leave the house.

1. The Gift Exchange

The first part of your Valentine’s Day usually consists of the gift giving, and this year, you don’t want your partner to be disappointed. Tesco has a flurry of fantastic gift options that hit the mark for Valentine’s Day - but first, get a pack of Tesco heart tea lights to set the mood. Then, choose from the fluffy and adorable Valentine’s penguin holding up a heart to a personalised initial candle. And, if you have any other high-price presents, make sure you wrap them up appropriately with one of the romantic Valentine’s gift bags.

2. DIY Fine Dining

No matter the set up in your abode, whether you’ve got a dining room or a tray table to prop in the bed, creating a home-cooked meal for you and your partner is still always thoughtful and romantic - even more so if you cook together. As luck would have it, you don’t have to splash out to get a great deal on your lovely dinner as well, as Tesco does a 2 dine-in for 20 offer that lets you get a delicious starter, main, side, dessert AND a drink of your choice for 20 pounds. Imagine starting with red onion and Camembert bread, moving onto a succulent steak main with a potato dauphinoise side, a pair of scrumptious raspberry and passionfruit cheesecake slices to top it all off… all complimented with a gorgeous bottle of wine to match the meal - like a dark and full bodied Shiraz. Now that’s a culinary experience that easily beats the over-hyped rates of dining out on Valentine’s Day.

3. Quality Home Cinema Time

After getting to see your partner’s precious reactions to the gifts you got them, it’s the perfect time to settle in and spend some quality time with your lover. And quality time at home can’t be beat by sitting down and watching a film together. Whether you as a couple favour snuggling up to horror films or getting a few chuckles (and a possible cry!) in with a classic black and white romance flick, you should make sure you spend your movie time with the perfect Valentine's companions: chocolate, champagne and a bouquet flowers. Cuddle up with a box of Lindt truffles paired with Moet, and set the scene with a lovely bouquet of flowers - the quintessential Valentine's accessory, and tuck in for a cinematic experience that won’t subject you to mood-spoiling crying babies in the theatre. 

4. And So To Bed

The great part about fabulous lingerie is that they can serve as either a gift to the person who will wear them, or a gift to the person that gets to see them. Either way you do it, these sets are the perfect way to end your Valentine’s night. Go for F&F’s black silk bra and Brazilian briefs for the ultimate sexy combo, or the petal pink bodysuit if you’re looking for something a little more Valentine’s flirty.