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Stop Making Doomed New Year’s Resolutions About Your Diet – And Do This Instead

Image by: HelloFresh

Tasty, convenient, and potentially more affordable than your weekly shop, here’s how we're using HelloFresh’s weekly meal kits to kickstart an eating routine that’s easy to stick to. 

New year, new me – can we still say that? The start of the year is a brilliant time to set intentions for the months ahead, readjust our mindset after the slower pace of Christmas and generally figure out the ways in which we want to do things differently. For some, that takes the form of New Year’s Resolutions but, if we’re being honest, we at Octer don’t go in for that. They’re usually restrictive, not particularly enjoyable and, therefore, have got no chance of lasting past February. But there is one area of our lives which we, much like the rest of the nation after a season of devouring mince pies, are definitely looking to improve on – our diets.

In the past, we’ve all been guilty of launching ourselves into a restrictive eating pattern come January that falls flat after the first few weeks back at work. Why? A lack of enjoyment, a lack of planning and, sometimes, a lack of time to whip up something nutritious and delicious. That’s why for 2023 we’re taking a more positive and enjoyable approach to healthy eating - and we’re bringing in the big guns to help us do it. Enter, HelloFresh.

You might already know the name HelloFresh – after all, it’s the most popular meal subscription in the world having delivered close to a billion meals worldwide last year. You might even have tried it in the past. But trust us when we say, their weekly delivery of wholesome, interesting homemade meal kits could be the secret to getting your healthy eating habits back on track.

Firstly, they’re surprisingly affordable

The very idea of having fancy meals delivered to your door instantly sounds expensive – a big no-no during a cost-of-living crisis - but you might be surprised to find that HelloFresh can work out way cheaper than your current weekly shop. With HelloFresh you can pick up to 5 recipes a week from as little as €4.70 per person per meal.

Plus for a first timer, right now you can nab a sensational discount: a whopping up to €75 off across your first three boxes using the code HELLOAFF75- only available for a limited time.

Grab up to €75 off across your first boxes now

They’re super convenient

One of the biggest reasons we fail at the first hurdle with our eating habits is because of time. No time to go shopping. No time to cook an elaborate meal from scratch. No time to think up a menu for the week. Work, family, life – they all just get in the way – leaving the door open to boring repetitive meals, quick but unbalanced options and takeaways.  HelloFresh works by delivering all the fresh ingredients (perfectly individually portioned right down to the teaspoon) and step-by-step recipe cards straight to your door. No shopping, no planning, no waste - basically, your easiest January (and every month after!) ever and the best way to keep those resolutions intact.

The variety is off the scale

We can all get stuck on the same rotation of shepherd’s pie, Spaghetti Bolognese and chicken and veg. So, if your biggest food goal for 2023 is to add some new meals into the mix, there’s no better way to do it. From the menu, we opted for two plant based options - the Crisp Cauliflower Nuggets with a bean cassoulet and one Halloumi Burger which came with the jammiest caramelised onions. They’re fun updates to classic dishes, giving a flavour upgrade without throwing you out of your comfort zone. Even better, if you’re tracking your cals, everything is clearly marked so you can make choices that work with your goals.

There’s less waste

The joy of HelloFresh is that literally everything except salt, pepper and cooking oil is taken care of, right down to the portion size. That mini tin of tomatoes the recipe mentions? Yep, it’s perfectly measured out. The tablespoon of turmeric? No spoon required. It’s a dream come true for anyone trying to ease into their new year’s healthy eating with as little distraction as possible – and a big win for anyone who hates leaving food to go to waste in the fridge.

So what are you waiting for? With up to €75 off across your first three boxes, there’s no reason not to jump at the chance to try it. Just use code HELLOAFF75, Believe us – this is going to be the resolution you finally stick to.

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