The best thing about Christmas besides the food has to be the sales, hands down. Think about it – it’s an excellent way to while away a few hours whilst we’re at home, and an opportunity to gift ourselves all the presents to make up for the ones we didn’t find under the tree this year. Not to mention the strategic delivery in the first week of the new year to lessen the impact of those January blues. Beside the epic Christmas lunch, it’s the only thing we save ourselves for – and none so much as the Reiss sale. For men or women, Reiss are known for their winning combination of quality, variety and style so what better place to dress our ‘new year, new me’ mentality than there? Better still, Reiss have realised just how little people want to wait until Boxing Day for a bargain and have released their sale early this year, with up to 50% off all of their best bits starting right now.

Need a little help curating the sale? We’ve picked out the best Reiss pieces in the both the women’s and men’s sales so you don’t have to. Think of it as our little gift to you this festive season.