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These 8 Women Take Us Through Their Lockdown Sleep Time Rituals When They’re Feeling Anxious

Image by: Gregory Pappas

It’s thought that a third of British adults are suffering from insomnia. With COVID-19 and lockdown anxiety in full swing, we talked to eight women about their feelgood bedtime routines when sleep doesn’t come easily.

For many of us, getting a decent night’s sleep is hard enough at the best of times. Factor in a global pandemic, nationwide lockdown, changes to routine and professional and personal uncertainty, and you have yourself one surefire recipe for anxiety-driven insomnia. 

With searches for ‘how to get a better night’s sleep’ on the rise and a million and one sleep hacks floating through the Internet, we at Octer are keen to explore the complicated and murky world of Nod. You see, no one bedtime routine works for everyone - one woman’s bubble bath and herbal tea might not quite cut it like another’s meditation and CBD oil.

So, curious to find out how the Octer team is getting their solid eight-hours of slumber each night, I called up my teammates for a chat about their bedtime habits. 

Image by: Christin Hume


“In all honesty, my quality of sleep has totally transformed since introducing CBD oil into my routine. I simply put a few drops - between two to four, depending on how restless I feel - under my tongue when I start getting ready for bed (doing my usual skincare routine and getting into my pyjamas). About half an hour later, I start feeling a lot calmer and peaceful - it’s then when I turn on some soothing ASMR videos (usually the sound of the rain), snuggle down and drift off.”


“The Calm app! I swear by it - I’ve been using the dulcet tones of Matthew McConaughey [he reads a soothing bedtime story on the app] to send me off to sleep for weeks now and still, I haven’t heard the end of the tale. I’m always asleep before then. Having a clear bedtime routine helps too: long, hot showers, fresh cosy pyjamas warmed on the radiator, no screens an hour before bedtime and a spritz of This Works’ Deep Sleep Pillow Spray.”

Image by: Becca Schultz


“I found that if I go for a run in the evening, I can work out all the frustrations, worries and stresses that I’ve kept pent up. It’s very meditative for me.”


“My recipe for a good night’s sleep? A hot bath, plenty of soothing aromatherapy bath oils and a glass of wine.”

Image by: Maddi Bazzocco


“I have one rule when I’m feeling especially anxious - no screens. Obsessively scrolling Twitter or Instagram is never a good idea, but especially right now when the constant roll of bad news never lets up. Instead, I’m trying to make my way through all the books that have been piling up on my bookshelf.”


“Last year I went through a really bad anxious period. At the time my therapist suggested that I keep a journal by my bed and pour all my emotions and fears into it, whilst also recording all the things that I am grateful for. It’s a practice that I’ve kept up because it really helps.”

Image by: Nicole Wolf


“Having a really good stretch at the end of the day; using it as an opportunity to meditate and calm my brain, think through what is worrying me and ‘put it away’ as it was whilst I rest.”


“It sounds a little silly, but my skincare routine has actually become a bit of a godsend right now - so much so that I just keep adding new steps to it! It’s a little act of self-care that also focuses my mind and adds structure to my day.”