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Tired Of Treadmills? Here Are The Best Unique Fitness Classes In London You Need To Try

Image by: Oxygen Freejumping

If your exercise routine needs a reboot, you've come to the right place. From free jumping to pole fitness, discover the Octer guide to the best unusual fitness classes that you probably haven't tried yet (but definitely need to!)

New year, new you - are we still allowed to say that? Sorry. Nonetheless, a new year (and most definitely a new decade) is a great time to create a fresh start or try something new. That something new can be big or small, but if it’s the right new experience, simply embarking on it should be impactful enough on its own. Like taking up a new fitness class, for example! If you’re new to fitness entirely, looking outside of the typical modes of exercise can help you find something that suits you better, or if you've got a routine down, something new can help keep you interested and engaged. Because the best way for a new experience to be impactful in the 2020’s, is if you actually want to keep doing it. 

Standard forms of working out like lifting weights at the gym, going to a spin class, or taking a run are great options and tend to work for a lot of people. But those options might not be your cup of tea or you might crave a little more excitement in your sport. Passion is a key incentive for fitness, and luckily the UK's capital, London, always has tonnes of cool options to try.

So, in honour of a new decade and the aspirations of trying new things with good intentions... we at Octer have put together a list of some of the coolest, unique fitness classes in London to try this year. From pole fitness to parkour, these are the only gym classes that we'll be happy to hear people brag about going to. So go on, earn your bragging rights...

1. Pole fitness

There are quite a few options for pole fitness in London, but PolePeople is one of our favourites. They run classes for pole fitness and for fun, and they even cater to hen parties. Nonetheless, pole fitness is an incredibly fun and challenging way to workout. Trust us... one class in and you'll be looking to fit a pole of your own into the middle of your London flat.

Find out more about PolePeople

2. Goodgym 

Goodgym specialises in finding ways to do good, while getting some exercise. Their activities include running to help community projects, and a lot of initiatives to help battle loneliness with older people. Their motto is 'making it easy to do good', and doing good never felt so great.

Discover Good Gym

3. Hula-hooping

Don’t you ever miss hula-hooping for fun as a kid? Try it now and suddenly it’s a not-so-effortless exercise, but still just as fun. It's a perfect workout for isolating and toning the core, plus, it makes a great party trick.

Ready to hula fit?

4. Freejumping (Trampolining)

The feeling of low gravity has never been more accessible. Free-jumping allows you to jump, flip and bounce your way into discovering your new favourite way to exercise. Available in several locations around London... as much for kids as it is for adults.

Jump to it!

5. Dog Yoga

Like yoga, but better. If being around canine creatures tends to calm you down, or you just can't stand to be away from your own furry friend, then this is a great choice of exercise for you. Make your downward dog feel more at home.

Find out about Doga Yoga

6. Parkour

Ever had the inclination to live out your Spiderman dreams in real life? Here's your opportunity. Parkour London has a great community built around it, plus, the upside is it really requires no specific location. Just a supportive community an environment to do parkour with. Our spidey-senses tell us this is a great shout!

Discover London parkour