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I've Tried Everything - And These Are The 5 Nourishing Products That Finally Banished My Dry Winter Skin

Image by: L’OCCITANE

Honestly, L’OCCITANE, thank you...

Winter – the season of cosy jumpers, hot chocolate, and, unfortunately, the annual battle against dry, flaky skin. The colder weather is notorious for wreaking havoc on our skin, leaving it parched and desperately in need of some tender loving care. If you're anything like me, you've tried more lotions, potions, and elixirs than you can count, all in the pursuit of smooth skins and that elusive glow. I’m a particularly tricky customer with combination skin that still manages to dry out around the nose and under eyes, and legs that seemingly can’t retain any moisture past October. As a result, I’m by no means easy to please when it comes to products. As someone who's battled with persistent patches of dry skin for years, I've embarked on a quest to find the ultimate winter skincare heroes and after trying countless products, I can confidently say that I have whittled it down to just a few key products that genuinely work. And the biggest twist? They’re all from one brand: L'OCCITANE.

Leaving skin feeling comforted and impossibly soft from the face down to the toes, L’OCCITANE’s penchant for natural ingredients is what really gives them the edge. Inspired by the landscapes of Provence, France, L’OCCITANE sources high-quality, natural ingredients that not only benefit the skin but also evoke a sense of luxury and indulgence. When I first stumbled across the Shea Butter Hand Cream - one of the brand's most-loved products- as part of a beauty set, it was love at first squeeze – and I have my boyfriend’s perma-cracked hands to thank for introducing me to it. This was the first product that worked on him, and when I got a whiff of the clean, comforting scent and the star ingredient which has been used for centuries by women from Western Africa to nourish and protect skin and hair, I was all in – and it made me wonder what else the brand had up its sleeve.

From nourishing cracked hands and elbows, to giving glow back to my body and face, I credit these five L’OCCITANE products for getting my skin through winter.


1. The Secret Weapon for Soft, Supple Hands:

L'OCCITANE Shea Butter Hand Cream (£22)

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Dry, cracked hands are a common winter woe, and L’OCCITANE's Shea Butter Hand Cream is honestly one of the only creams I've tried that has made a real difference. Shea butter, the star ingredient in this luxurious hand cream, has been used for centuries by women from Western Africa to nourish and protect their skin and hair. Rich in vitamins A, E, and F deliver serious hydration so you can say goodbye to rough hands and hello to velvety softness.

2. Your Dry Patch Banisher:

L'OCCITANE Shea Butter Rich Body Lotion (£29)

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I have always had a 'grass is always greener' outlook when it comes to the softness of other people's skin in comparison to my own. How are my grown gal pals getting their arms and legs to baby-soft levels? It may have taken me a while to crack it but finally I've found the product that does that for me - L'OCCITANE Shea Butter Rich Body Lotion. Enriched with the goodness of powerhouse ingredient shea butter, this luxurious lotion cocoons your skin in a veil of velvety softness, combating dryness and leaving your skin supple and moisturized throughout the day.

3. Your Skin's Winter Miracle Worker

L'OCCITANE Overnight Reset Serum (£55)

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The Overnight Reset Serum is nothing short of a miracle worker for winter skin. This lightweight yet deeply nourishing serum works its magic while you sleep, helping to replenish and restore your skin's natural radiance. Packed with powerful ingredients like Acmella oleracea extract and marjoram, it effortlessly erases signs of fatigue and dehydration, leaving your skin looking refreshed and revitalised come morning.

4. Winter's Fountain Of Youth:

L'OCCITANE Immortelle Divine Cream (£80)

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For a truly divine experience, the Immortelle Divine Cream is a winter skincare essential. Enriched with organic immortelle essential oil and a complex of seven plant-derived active ingredients, this cream fights visible signs of aging while providing intense hydration. Its velvety texture absorbs effortlessly, leaving your skin feeling plump and radiant. Bid farewell to winter-induced dullness with this luxurious beauty hero.

5. A luxurious daily indulgence:

L'OCCITANE Almond Shower Oil (£19.50)

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Since we love to crank the temperature during the colder months, winter showers can be harsh on the skin, stripping it of essential moisture. Enter L'OCCITANE's Almond Shower Oil, a luxurious and indulgent solution to transform your shower routine. This oil-to-milk formula gently cleanses while cocooning your skin in a veil of almond oil goodness. The result? Silky-smooth, hydrated skin that feels pampered and nourished even in the coldest winter months. Perfect for anything feels positively Victorian without a tan and needs to give their skin a boost.

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