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The Best Activewear Outfits To Wear For Every Workout Class In Your Diary

Image by: Nike

From spin class to weight training, these gym outfits are all the inspiration you need to get in shape. 

After a crazy schedule of holidays, midday cocktails (because the sun is out, duh), dancing and drinking in a massive field at Glastonbury and, of course, a little work to break up the partying, it’s safe to say that the summer months have tired. Us. Out. Of course, we’d love for the exhaustion to have come from hard graft but, let’s be real: it was more in the fun, hot girl summer type of way. Alas, we have zero regrets. What’s hard work if you don’t play hard?

At the end of the 3 month bender some refer to as summer, after taking roughly 2 weeks to catch up on sleep, I like to sit down and strategize my plan of attack for conquering ambitious girl autumn. A part of this plan is naturally to get a great workout schedule going and, being someone who is self-motivated but loves a strong helping hand, workout classes are always my preferred way to holistically rebrand myself for the season ahead. There’s nothing like a collective group, all with the same energy and ambition to rid ourselves of the toxins that come with summer weather. 

While a desire to better oneself is of course the key push we need to get our butts to the gym, I find nothing helps me better than a little retail therapy to go alongside. Because tucking away the string bikinis and short shorts isn’t so bad when you get to replace it with a cute new gym outfit. Given the demands, pace, physicality, and level of exertion required for different workout classes, they usually each require a different kind of activewear. For example, you don’t want to find yourself stuck in spin class in something that restricts your legs or, even worse, baggy sweatpants that sees your trouser leg get stuck in the spin wheel.

So, for the purpose of avoiding any of these clothing catastrophes, but mainly to get us in the mood for health wellness, we’ve put together an outfit guide that will take you through your workout schedule of the week. Tentative, of course, as we won’t be mad if you reschedule one day to catch-up on summer gossip with friends and a glass of wine. We’re just here to get you on track, and keep you looking fresh. 

Wellness awaits:

What To Wear For...Sunday Morning Running Group

An outdoor run is a  great way to catch up with - or even make - other sporty friends and clear your mind for the week ahead. Depending on the trail your running group hits each week, there’s a trainer that suits different terrain. I love the Joyride Run Flyride for road running: customisable and actually a joy to run in.  For more rustic and rocky trails, the Zoom Pegasus 36 gives a much-needed grip, and still offers a range of inspired colour schemes. For running gear, a pair of running shorts and a sports bra are preferred, but as the weather gets more harsh these can be switched out for a pair of leggings and long-sleeve zip top. Don't forget an arm sleeve to put your phone in so you can take your tunes with you as you workout.

What To Wear To… Monday HIIT Class

After my usual groggy start to a Monday, I find lunches are a great time to re-energise yourself with a workout. A HIIT (high intensity interval training) class that gets you sweating through short bursts of exertion is my preferred choice, such as Body Pump, Body Attack or even legs, bums and tums. Anticipate the sweat, and wear a tank that lets your arms breathe, with a pair of capris and the Nike Free TR Flyknit 3, literally made with lightweight breathability for HIIT and cross training. 

What To Wear For...Mid-week Yoga

Nothing is more irritating than bending into downward dog and being met with your loose tank-top smothering your face. Despite the usual calls for yoga pants at a yoga class, I find a body-suit and flow trousers that aren’t too compressing do the trick to hug my body where I want, and give it freedom where needed. Of course, you wouldn’t be a true yogi without your own yoga mat.

What To Wear For...Thursday Lunch Spin Class

Of course a session of serious cycling calls for a pair of cycling shorts. In fact, compression wear are really your best option to avoid any chance of your clothes getting in the way of this intense -but so worth it- class. On top, throw on a short-sleeve training top, and wear a pair of slim trainers that won’t hog up the pedals. (I’ve learned my lesson by wearing chunky trainers before.) One last thing: DON’T forget a water bottle. You’re welcome.

What To Wear For...Friday Weight Training

Given that spin is one of those miraculous classes that works up a sweat but doesn’t make you sore the next day, that means Friday you’re all set to get in some squats. Weight training means you can take a little more time in the gym and don’t have to worry about serious fast-paced movement, so you can wear clothes that you feel pretty chilled out in. Slip on training tights if you prefer the compressed feel, or put on some relaxed training trousers and pair it with a compression top. The last step is getting the right trainers. For reaching more ambitious weight-training goals, the Free Metcon 2 AMP trainers are your gold standard; as in they offer great support for fitness activities, but also provide an electric colour to wear a part of a gym or non-gym outfit.