Clarisonic Smart Profile Face Cleansing Brush

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Clarisonic Smart Profile BrushSonic cleansing meets smart technology for total skin transformationThe new Smart Profile from Clarisonic incorporates Smart Microchip-technology in both the device and brush heads - automatically adjusting timing and power for a customised face and body cleanse at the push of a button. This technology also allows the device to track brush head usage and prompt users when it is time to change their brush head.Clarisonic devices utilise a patented oscillation movement that moves the brush head back and forth between 200-300 times a second. This, coupled with Clarisonic?s fluid forces technique, provides a gentle and effective cleanse.The benefits of this next generation device for consumers are described in three simple words: Smarter, Easier & More PowerfulSmarterAll-new Clarisonic Smart brush heads have a Smart Microchip pre-programmed to send information to the device on how to operate for the area you want to cleanse automatically adjusting speed, frequency and cleansing time.Smart technology also enables brush heads to track minutes of use in order to alert the user when the brush head has reached its recommended limit and needs replacement. Clarisonic brush heads are recommended to be changed after 3 months of twice daily use.EasierSmart Profile has been re-designed with a new look and feel to visually indicate speed, operating mode, battery-life and when it`s time to replace the brush head.Now people can care for both face and body in one easy-to-use Smart Profile device.More PowerfulTurbo function allows the user to temporarily increase the power of the device from any speed to obtain a more targeted cleanse at any point throughout the cleansing cycle.Extended battery life for more uses between charging.All skin typesAnti-ageing Shop At House Of Fraser

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