SONY NW-WS413B 4 GB Waterproof All in One MP3 Player - Black, Black

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Stay motivated while you work out with the black Sony NW-WS413B 8 GB Waterproof All in One MP3 Player, made for listening to music while you're out and about. Comfortable waterproof headphones Great for those who regularly play sports or enjoy active lifestyles, the NW WS413 has been designed with a streamlined design that's lightweight and free from the hassle of cables. Whether you're training in the gym, running on the road or beating your times in the pool, this all in one MP3 player cuts out external distractions so you can focus on the moment. You'll love its self-contained design, which combines MP3 player, controls and headphones in an around-the-head format that stays out of your way, stays in place and looks great. Functional design The NWWS413 is fully waterproof down to two metres, so you can use it while swimming - it can be used safely in salt water settings, so is great if you're into paddleskiing, bodyboarding or similar. Ambient Sound Mode lets you hear a certain amount of external sound, so you can talk to a friend or trainer while listening to music or hear where traffic and pedestrians are when running outdoors. Drag and drop your tunes Thanks to its flexible drag-and-drop interface, the Sony NWWS413B allows you to easily pull MP3s from iTunes or Windows Media Player for enjoyment in next to no time. It's not tied to just one music service, and offers multi-format playback that lets you enjoy WMA, AAC or LPCM music files. Create your ideal power playlist with 4 GB of internal memory. Fast charge for an active lifestyle The NW-WS413B can deliver a full hour of playback time off a three-minute charge, ideal for compressed workout sessions. You'll also enjoy a twelve-hour battery life from a full charge for those longer training bouts or for when you're going to be out all day. Music for the moment Multi-function playback controls allow you to find and adjust songs without interrupting your concentration - use a quick tap to change tracks or tap and hold to switch between folders while in all-play mode. The Sony NW-WS413B 8 GB Waterproof All in One MP3 Player combines your favourite sounds with a truly practical design that will enhance your exercise routines.

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